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The below simple method on how to invest with GT Universal Trade Investment site

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We have Flexible bitcoin investment plan to choose from. Choose the plan that suits you and deposit the amount you want considering the minimum and maximum bitcoin deposit

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Our payment system is fully automated to avoid delay in bitcoin withdrawal. On Deposit Maturity, click on Withdraw and your bitcoin will be sent to your provied wallet account automatically.

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We have several plans to apply for a loan. You may apply to out loan plan by submitting some of your valid information.

About GT Universal Trade Bitcoin Investment

GT Universal Trade the best bitcoin investment site, It was created by a group of qualified experts, professional bankers, traders and analysts who specialized in the stock, bond, futures, currencies, gold, silver and oil trading with having more than ten years of extensive practical experiences of combined personal skills, knowledge, talents and collective ambitions for...

Board of Directors

Here is our Team of expertices

Michael Rivers


Litus Kambla


Stanley Yella


Fablous Dontus

Director IT

Judith Victory


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We are fully registerd with the UK Government with Company number 01699536 on the UK Company House Website


Legit and paying bitcoin investment site

We're Certified as the most trusted bitcoin investment company

GT Universal Trade Investment is fully registered to operate as a Limited Liability Company

We're Secured in bitcoin investment

We are security conscious and value your data, The entire system is protected with Comodo. Our system is secured with high level SSL

We're Profitable in bitcoin investment

Our various bitcoin investment plans are convinient for anybody that wants to invest in Bitcoin

We Accept Crypto (BITCOIN)

Currently our means of payment is Bitcoin, We support only crypto currency to avoid the barrier of fiat in some countries

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Our support team are 24/7 online to assist you

We're Global

GT Universal Trade investment is a global bitcoin investment company. You can visit us from any country of the world

Our Bitcoin Investment Plans

Choose anyone that suites your financial capability


Weekly ROI

  • Features
  • Min Deposit $100
  • Max Deposit $19,999
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Weekly ROI

  • Features
  • Min Deposit $20,000
  • Max Deposit $49,999
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Weekly ROI

  • Features
  • Min Deposit $50,000
  • Max Deposit $99,999
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Weekly ROI

  • Features
  • Min Deposit $100,000
  • Max Deposit Unlimited
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Weekly ROI

  • Features
  • Min Deposit $10,000
  • Max Deposit $100,000
  • Quick Withdrawal
  • 24/7 Customer Support
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Latest Deposits
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Sunday James20/01/2020$10
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Sunday James20/01/2020$10
Latest Withdrawals
Sunday James20/01/2020$10
Sunday James20/01/2020$10
Sunday James20/01/2020$10
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It's 100 percent legit

Michael Rivers

I Cant sleep without you gtuniversaltrade.com, thank you once again. Received Again the blessings

cathrine jul

Thanks gtuniversaltrade.com, for opening up the opportunity for me and many other friends.

jenifer broker

I’m just a beginner to this and I’m so happy to received my first paid from gtuniversaltrade.com Thank you very much ??. You guys are AWESOME !!!

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i wish i had known gtuniversaltrade.com long time ago, my happiness would be full. i have received my earnings again.

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I want to thank you for your payment in Bitcoin that I received today. As a Brazilian, I am always discriminated when it comes to making money online, every time I try to register on a site online to make money they tell me they don’t accept my country. But not with your website.


Thanks GT Universal Trade this is my third return from you guys!!! BEST WAY OF EARNING OR BITCOIN ONLINE IS THIS SITE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HELPING ME EARN IN A SAFE AND FATEST WAY!! 10/10!

Ndumiso Kiiza

gtuniversaltrade.com is an excellent investment platform. They keep to their promise. I will encourage everyone to invest with them. Thank you for the consistent payment. God bless you

stanley yella

Thanks you so much gtuniversaltrade.com, Got my 2 BTC profit, from October 14, 2019 investment of 0.5 btc. I will continue re-investing my money. Good job guys and keep on helping other people change their life.

bosica tumiasky

I received the payment,keep up the good job…Long live gtuniversaltrade.com Thanks

charles nile

I love you gtuniversaltrade.com you make me get lot of money thank you and bless up.

Mpendulo Luk

OMG Legit bitcoin site gtuniversaltrade.com Thanks guys must admit i had trouble believing it to begin with but i just received my investment. I will reinvest and keep getting richer- i will promote this to all my crypto friends. Thump up ?

Bokamoso Gabisile

You make me happy gtuniversaltrade.com no word can express for your kindness.Thank you,just received.

fablous dontus

I can’t thank you enough! My school payments is being paid by you guys! Thank you so much!!


just wanted to say thanks. my 4th deposit got paid 10 minutes ago. GT Universal Trade you guys the best..

Bekey Loustar

Another successful payment from you. This company has stood the test of time and always delivers as promised. Thank you for everything you do for us investors making it easy and straightforward, eliminating the risks of trading and providing a done for you service where anyone can simply invest and profit. Keep up the great work guys!!your site is the best gtuniversaltrade.com


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Dwan Beverley

This is my first time with gtuniversaltrade.com and payment hit my wallet on time. I will reinvest the profit.

julie Sulivan

gtuniversaltrade.com I just can’t stop saying the name you guys have really proved to be trust worthy and I will keep on sharing my testimonial so people will read and know this is the real deal… Thank you.

Biden Jera

I have been doing the first plan for more than a month now and I can boldly say that I have never been disappointed by gtuniversaltrade.com ..thank you GT Universal Trade

Rufos ludo

Wow! I am so so excited.Got my first payment. Blessed are those who have not seen yet believed. I believed strongly and I have received. I am investing a higher amount now. More grace to the administrators. I am very,very grateful to the administrators.


Received my third investment, well over here every time invested is the charm. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED..


I just received my 22nd time of investment all paid in good term. GT Universal Trade Rock


Thank you for the payment


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